Stress and the Nervous System


Have you ever considered how the stress that a mother experiences pre-conceptively, while pregnant and birthing can directly impact her baby?

⁠⁠Have you ever considered how stress and trauma can be imprinted and passed from one generation to the next?⁠⁠

“Stress that affected one generation will be played out in the next generation to the degree that that next generation has understood or not understood it, dealt with it or not dealt with it. So fundamentally, so long as we’re not conscious, we are going to pass on our stress and trauma onto our kids.” ~ Dr. Gabor Mate ⁠⁠

Helping a mother’s mind and body better adapt and integrate stressors is our number one priority when caring for her prenatally, postpartum and beyond.⁠⁠

The brain and spinal cord are the primary areas of the body that process stress and the brain-based chiropractic care we deliver allows for the body to release and process all of the physical, chemical, and emotional stress that a mother may be experiencing or may have experienced in the past. ⁠⁠

There is no lack of stress in our fast-paced, toxic, and conflicted world. We cannot avoid all of the stresses of life, but we can better adapt. ⁠⁠To all the moms out there – you are doing an amazing job 💗

You are not alone and we can help you be the best version of yourself, for you and your family. ⁠⁠We can help your newborn or older child process and release stress that may have been transferred. ⁠⁠A healthy brain and nervous system allows for true freedom and true health from within.⁠