Let’s Talk Labor


What starts labor?

⁠⁠It’s not like there’s an email blast sent out to the body.⁠⁠It’s not like an alarm clock goes off.⁠⁠

It’s so very common to hear from an expecting mama that they are getting induced if labor does not start naturally by a certain date.⁠⁠

Reasons for induction vary from medical concerns, to due date concerns, to maternal age concerns, to vacation schedules, and more.⁠⁠

Acknowledging that the wisdom of a woman’s body and her baby’s body has a hand in this is a perspective craved by many in the birth community.⁠⁠

There is a point of time at the end of a pregnancy when it’s said that the baby’s lungs are developed enough that a baby can survive safely outside of the womb.⁠⁠Then, there is the point when their lungs are ripe – really ready to do their work well. Specifically, two proteins that control the genes for maturing the lungs promote the initiation of labor.⁠⁠It is also essential that a mother’s nervous system be relaxed and balanced, allowing her brilliant hormonal system to orchestrate birth.⁠⁠

There is a wisdom to all of this. ⁠⁠A mother deer is not going to birth her fawn if she feels danger is imminent.⁠⁠An emotionally-stressed mother with a deadline for her body to start labor can create a fight-or-flight response in her nervous system, stalling the natural process.⁠⁠

Of course, there are times when medical induction is absolutely necessary and the need outweighs the potential risks.⁠⁠We truly value that medical care can be life-saving.⁠However, it is essential as a new parents to become informed and empowered and learn as much as you can about potential medical interventions.⁠⁠

Talk with your birth provider and ask as many questions as you can regarding the necessity for induction or augmentation.⁠⁠

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