Stress in Today’s World


The majority of health challenges in babies, children and adults boil down to this one BIG factor…Stress.

When the body experiences a stress and is able to process it in a healthy way, it can lead to growth and better adaptation.

That is what the brain was designed to do. However, when the brain is overwhelmed by stress it can become a chronic issue, creating a habit of stress and imbalance within the brain.

This is when we begin to run into dis-ease and symptoms. Fight, flight or freeze mode, what we call protection mode or stress mode, was designed to keep you alive when survival was a daily task. 

In today’s world, our brains and bodies are CONSTANTLY running from saber tooth tigers in 2021 from birth trauma, environmental toxins, poor sleep, toxic relationships, pharmaceutical insults, falls/accidents/physical trauma, processed food, abuse and the list goes on. 

To get yourself or your child off of the hamster wheel of stress, you must begin by balancing and healing the central nervous system. 

The best way we know to establish a solid foundation, dismantle and rewire chronic stress is through consistent brain-based chiropractic care starting from a restorative model and leading into long-term wellness care.