When emotional reactions over power rational thoughts & behaviors…


When emotional reactions over power rational thoughts & behaviors…

You yell at your kids over trivial things. Your kids throw temper tantrums throughout the day. Your infant cries unconsolably and barely sleeps.You choose sugar, caffeine, alcohol and fast food over whole foods.Your marriage is stressful and your relationships are tense. Your digestive system is always off and your skin is always breaking out. You procrastinate on important tasks…leading to even more stress. You get frustrated easily when you interact with the world. You feel depressed, anxious, fatigued and overwhelmed on a regular basis. When we experience loads of physical traumas, emotional triggers, and chemical toxins throughout our lives, our brains literally turn down/off our rational higher brain center — our prefrontal cortex. This therefore turns off our ability to adapt to stress and properly regulate bodily functions through our parasympathetic autonomic nervous systems (growth/healing/rest&digest mode!) We get stuck in “limbic lock” – where our emotions are running our physiology, thoughts and actions. This also causes our brainstem to activate the sympathetic branch of our autonomic nervous system – protection mode or fight/flight/freeze mode. This limbic lock & fight/flight/freeze mode is not sustainable and is often the root cause of so many issues in people’s lives. We measure and monitor this response throughout our brain-based chiropractic care plans through a variety of neurological evaluations — one being heart rate variability (HRV).  When our patients commit to their recommended consistency for adjustments in our practice – we see the limbic system and sympathetics down regulate and literally change the way your brain functions. We measure this brain function throughout care and objective see change through the power of the chiropractic adjustment. What is super cool is that there is even more and more research – random controlled trials – to prove that adjustments immediately effect the function of the frontal lobe of the brain and turn down the emotional parts of the brain. We could nerd out about chiropractic care and it’s positive effects on the central nervous system all day… but what really matters is our families under care tell us every single day… They are more patient and present with their children. Their children have higher emotional intelligence, use their words better to describe how they are feeling, listen better and transition more easily throughout the day.Their infant cries less, smiles more, is calm and sleeps like a baby. Their entire family is naturally craving and choosing more healthy food options and cutting out the sugar, fast foods, alcohol and caffeine. Their marriage and relationships are more harmonious and fun. They finally have balanced digestion and clear skin. They are feeling more motivated, productive abundant and successful.They are sharing more light with the world and enjoying their day to day interactions.They are feeling happier overall, less anxious, calm and more energized. They feel they can better adapt to our ever increasing stressful, toxic world.The health of your brain and spine have a massive impact on you and your children’s experience in the world. 

Don’t you think it’s time you make it a priority?

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