The Immune System 101

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Reality check: our mainstream education does not teach us how to build a strong immune system. How our immune systems actually work is unknown by most of our population. 

Everyone deserves to be healthy from the time they are born through their last breath of life. A state of consistent health is our birthright. 

Do our bodies and our children’s bodies have an inborn intelligence? The answer is a resounding YES! Our inborn intelligence directs and controls every function of our bodies. It was designed to keep us healthy and to have a strong immune system for a lifetime. A lifetime of health is programmed in the two cells, a sperm and an egg, that come together to form one cell, then two cells, then four cells, ultimately becoming trillions of cells that form a beautiful baby. If we are perfectly designed and created, then why isn’t your immune system or your child’s immune system strong? We can break it down into three simple answers: 

(1) birth in the 21st century 
(2) a stressful and toxic world
(3) lack of the proper education behind how to build and strengthen the immune system. 

Number three, lack of proper education, will be discussed in this blog post. Birth in the 21st century and a stressful, toxic world will be discussed in upcoming article posts. Stay tuned. 

The Immune System 101

Nervous system function is vitally important to discuss when learning about immune system function. The nervous system has two autonomic, or automatic, modes: sympathetic and parasympathetic. The nervous system controls the immune system so when talking about immune function we must talk about neurological function. Second, the two most basic responses of the immune system are called Th1 and Th2, which interact together to have a healthy immune response. 

The Th1 response is the first line of defense. When the body is invaded by a bacteria, virus, fungus or parasite, the body should mount a strong Th1 response. It is important to have a Th1 dominant immune system. When Th1 is dominant, illnesses happen irregularly and when they do, they come on fast, strong and clear up after a few days. If we allow the immune system to properly develop as a newborn by having a natural and vaginal birth, through breastfeeding, developing natural immunity versus artificial immunity, and proper outdoors exposure on a consistent basis, the body will have a strong foundation in Th1. 

Th1 is active and dominant when the nervous system is in parasympathetic mode, or relaxed mode. Our nervous system can favor stressed or relaxed on a subconscious level. Majority of children and adults in our time have a subconscious brain that favors stress mode, or sympathetic mode. The key is to be balanced between parasympathetic and sympathetic modes of the nervous system. How do we balance our nervous system? We will go into more detail below, but let’s move onto Th2. 

Th2 is the second line of immune system defense. When the immune system is working properly, Th1 turns on Th2. However, when Th2 is dominant and running the show, the body never has a chance to mount the initial, strong and swift immune response to the bacteria, virus, fungi or parasite. When Th2 is more dominant, you or your child might be sick month after month, year after year. When the sicknesses come, they hang around for awhile. 

Th2 is most active due to an intervention lead birth, formula feeding, vaccinations, antibiotics, a poor diet, and overcleaning. All of these points lead to having a stressed out brain, therefore having an unhealthy dysfunctional body. 

A nervous system in a constant sympathetic mode, or stressed mode, does not properly allow the body to heal and regenerate. Majority of children and adults today have a stressed out nervous system on a subconscious level. Not only is this affecting immune system function, it is affecting all other aspects of the body. 

How do we strengthen our immune system? How do we properly mount a Th1 response to invaders? How do we get out of stressed mode on a subconscious level? The answer is simple. Create balance in the central nervous system. 

Balance in the central nervous system creates an environment where the body can better handle our stressful, toxic world. A balanced nervous system is the core to a lifetime of health. When our brain and central nervous system is balanced, the body begins to properly mount the Th1 immune response, it better regulates the microbiome, therefore you and your child more effectively fight off bacteria, viruses and other invaders. 

How do we balance the central nervous system? The most effective way to balance the central nervous system is through consistent, nervous system based, chiropractic care. Gentle and specific adjustments to the spine allow the brain to balance in between stressed and relaxed mode. 

To see if we can help, give us a call to set up a complimentary consultation with Dr. Sarah or Dr. David. 

P.S. Remember, you and your child were born to be healthy. Seize the opportunity to balance out your family’s healthy so you and your children can do the things you love with the people that you love for a lifetime 🙂