Parenting is Hard

Me & Evie

Written by Dr. David

Why do we always fluff our lives on social media? We make everything look perfect, yet we seldom talk about the reality of life.

Being a parent is freaking tough…as in it’s the most difficult thing I have ever done. Six months of broken sleep has left me exhausted. My body regularly feels like it’s falling a part. And yet, we have it easy when it comes to the sleep department.

Wake up for an early workout? Are you kidding me!? Reading books? What’s that!?

Our marriage has been strained. Sometimes it feels like we are roommates, co-parenting this little being.

The exhaustion pushes out my inner demons. I catch myself getting angry at this little being who is crying and just needs my security and love. My darkness is thrown in my face multiple times a day and it’s hard to see.

Are those bags underneath my eyes? Yup. The first time I’ve had bags under my eyes in 28 years. Full whiteness in my eyes? Never. Redness is always there. 

I’m not here to complain and moan about the difficulty of being a parent. I know, some parents have it WAY MORE DIFFICULT than I do. We love you, we support you, and we are here for you!

To those who understand, I want to say thank you for letting me pull from your collective experience. Moms and Dads, I love when we cross paths on the street and your smirk means “I get it. Well done.” Those moments help ease my exhaustion and frustration more than you know. 

Parenthood is not for the weak hearted. I could easily run away, resist, and numb out the chaos. I’m not perfect, but I do my best to embrace the journey. A patient told me the other day, “My dad says you never really grow up until you have children.” What a true statement.

In 6 short months, I have a glimpse of what it’s like to be a man. A glimpse of what my truest, highest self can look like and a glimpse of my darkest shadow. 

Stretching myself thin, seeing my demons, and feeling like I’m falling a part subsides through my selfless devotion to this little being, our family, and Dr. Sarah. 

Right now, as Evaleigh sleeps on my chest, I close my eyes and feel the abundance of unconditional love. It shatters all the difficulty in an instant. The unconditional love makes it all worth it.

Cheers to parenthood. Moms and Dads, you guys rock. Thanks for leading by example and letting us young grasshoppers observe your expertise.

Here’s the reality – I would be a walking disaster without chiropractic care. I wouldn’t be able to stay happy and cheerful on a regular basis. Choppy sleep would hold me back from seeing pregnant moms, kiddos, and families in our office. Our impact in Central Oregon would diminish.

In the midst of seeing my inner demons and feeling exhausted, I have the ability to be happy, stay strong, feel vital and grow our impact in Central Oregon.

Why? I keep my body healthy through having a balanced brain with chiropractic care. My brain talks well to my body and keeps me healthy and strong. I can stay focused because I live from my higher brain, instead of my lower, protective brain.

The chaos of being a parent does not have to break you down. You can actually grow and thrive through the process.

How? Through adapting to your stressful, toxic world of being a parent and living in 2019 with brain-body connection focused chiropractic care.

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