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Surrendering is a principle we live by. 

It’s simple, yet so complex.

We stopped trying to manifest our reality and we let go of what we thought we wanted.We simply asked the highest power to show us the way.

Instead of shaming ourselves that our vibration was not high enough or blaming ourselves that we were always getting distracted, we started to look at every opportunity and challenge as something along the beautiful journey to help us grow, listen better, stress less, and act with more precision.

How should we know what will make us happy more than the highest power knows for us? Surrendering is not letting go of the wheel, but following where the road has been paved for you instead of trying to pave your own way. It’s that simple. 

Letting go of our old beliefs, shame & trauma allows us to lean into the flow and stop trying to do it all ourselves.

Live by flow, not force and your life will EXPLODE with joy, fun, happiness, fulfillment and beauty.