Conscious Fatherhood


What we know is that now more than ever, our world is in desperate need of the conscious father and man.

Men are ready to break through the status quo that men should not express emotion, should be rough around the edges and never be vulnerable, and only talk about sports, politics or the weather.

Rediscovering the truth that men are emotional beings, and vulnerability and love is a strength, not a weakness. When we break through to this place of openness and freedom, families will be more whole and happy, our community will be more accepting and mindful, and the world will feel the ripple of awakening the fathers and men we’re truly meant to become.

Creating a safe space for men to let their guard down, flourish, and become their truest self is essential in 2019. Dr. David hosts a free, Conscious Fatherhood Circle once a month at Pure Light.

If you, your husband, or partner would benefit, visit the Conscious Fatherhood tab to read more and get connected.