Do Experiences in Utero Have a Lasting Impact?


Let’s consider the astounding fact that two cells meet inside a woman’s womb to begin the development of a new life. This fetus is 100% dependent on its mother throughout the pregnancy. The mother’s body supplies her baby with the nutrients needed for growth and development. The innate intelligence of mom’s body helps guide baby to develop into a human being throughout the entire 40+ weeks. Everything the mother feels during pregnancy, her baby feels.

Passionate birth providers, psychologists and film makers came together in the paradigm shifting documentary: In Utero. Their message is profound. The mindset and stresses endured by mothers during pregnancy can be passed down to their babies. They pose the profound realization that this stress can seriously influence the life experience of a child and be continued on for generations. They explore how life in the womb can have a lasting impact on human development, behavior and the world. We are not only the result of our genetics, but also by our environment, starting in utero. 

In Utero proposes that the mental programing from a mother and her environment during gestation, not only influences a newborn’s temperment, but also has a lifelong impact on their mindset. This programming is deeply embedded and influences everything about an infant’s growth and development into becoming a toddler, child and adult. 

Many pregnant mothers come to us for care during their last few weeks of pregnancy in a stressed state. These mothers are commonly experiencing physical discomfort and/or have a malpositioned baby. These women commonly focus on their fears of unwanted, negative birth experiences. These mothers receive relief and their desired birth outcomes through the experience of care, yet they have only had a chance to slightly dismantle the stressed mindset and physiology they were experiencing throughout their entire pregnancy. 

Mothers in a subtle, yet deeply stressed state during their pregnancies can deliver babies that have difficulties during the birth process and during the initial stages of life. These babies are commonly fussy, colicy, have trouble breast feeding, have an unbalanced sleep schedule, and can have trouble gaining weight. These infants brains are patterned for stress from day one. 

Other pregnant mothers come for care with the same stressed mindset and discomfort, yet receive care for a longer period of time. Their nervous system begins to pattern in the relaxed state, or parasympathetic state, from longer term care. The relaxed, parasympathetic, state is where an optimal pregnancy and birth occur. When a mother switches to this healthy neurological state, she experiences better birth outcomes and baby arrives happy, sleeping well, feeding well and with limited crisis care needed to correct the tough process of birth, and only in need of healthy lifestyle care. 

As chiropractors focusing on prenatal and pediatric care, we have the privilege to work with women throughout all stages of their pregnancies. Many of these women, after receiving consistent chiropractic care during pregnancy, begin to understand that having a healthy nervous system is essential for their personal health, as well as their baby’s health. A baby or child that experienced a stressful pregnancy and/or birth can greatly benefit from care. Through safe and gentle adjustments, their neurology unwinds and heals at a cellular level. Through this understanding, we have the most precious honor to take care of itty bitty newborns with the very gentle and specific adjustments. Chiropractic care can benefits women and infants by creating a more comfortable, enjoyable pregnancy, better birth outcomes, and a more relaxed, happy baby who thrives from day number one. We recommend all expecting mothers and newborns come see us for the health of their nervous systems, their bodies, and their lives. We are on a mission to enhance the lives of families and help raise the consciousness of humanity.

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