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We Went to July?

We Went to July?"Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is potential power. Knowledge is trumped every single day by execution."

- Tony Robbins

That's right! We went to Seattle last weekend.

We know, it was a little heart breaking to leave Bend in the middle of summer because of the beautiful warm weather and sunshine.

However, our soul purpose is to transform the health and consciousness of our community through by delivering you and your family the best care possible.

That is why we are working towards our certification in pediatric and family chiropractic care.

This past weekend we learned techniques to better care for babies and children.

Our biggest take awaysÂ…

#1. The impact of a chiropractic adjustment on a child's life is amazingly profound.

Our abilities to be extremely effective and efficient has reached the next level.

#2. The choices we make today determine our health and our family's health tomorrow ANDÂ…1 year, 5 years and decades down the road.

Why do some families express health through ever stage of life while others suffer through ever stage of life?

Is it because of genes? Absolutely not.

Our genes only express because of the choices that were made for us and that we make during pregnancy, birth, childhood, and beyond.

It's called Epigenetics. The idea that genes cause illness is antiquated information.

Has the mainstream media and healthcare system told you that?

True health comes from embracing a different belief system outside of the norm.

The norm, when it comes to health education, has lead to 1 in 45 children having autism, c-section rates to be higher than ever before, cancer rates to sky rocket, and making opioid induced death the number one killer in our country.

So what is the different perspective that will create health and happiness for you and your family through every stage of life?

This article is provided by Pure Light: A Family Health Studio your 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate Chiropractor in Bend OR

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