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An Everyday Thing

An Everyday Thing(per Dr. David)

Last week, a mother came into our office with her children. Her children were getting under care to reach their full potential in life.

As we began talking, I instantly realized this mom was exhausted. Her health was suffering. She had bags underneath her eyes, she was irritable with her children, she didn't seem happy, and her relationship with her husband was strained.

The even sadder thing, I see this every single day - mothers who selflessly serve their children and family at the sacrifice of their own health and well-being.

Mom, it is time to begin nurturing yourself. Selfless service to your children and family is beautiful, yet a detrimental sacrifice without regularly refilling your own cup, rejuvenating your spirit, and taking time to heal your body.

Mom, make the commitment to take care of yourself.

This is your month. It is time to nurture yourself. You are the leader, the rock, the foundation to your family and our community. Nourishment of you is a must.

We would be honored if you began this process of refilling your cup tomorrow with Dr. Sarah at our workshop.

Have a great week and we hope to see you there!

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