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Remember and Reflect

Remember and Reflect(per Dr. David)

So many of us have been personally effected by the true meaning behind Memorial Day.

We are eternally grateful for those who paid the ultimate price for truly serving our country. Thank you.

Today is a reminder of how life is precious, and every moment should be cherished.

Life goes by fast, doesn't it? I can remember being a little boy playing in the dirt and eating quarters in the closet with my brother...yes, we used to do that 🙄

Now seeing young boys in our office play with toys brings me back to my childhood.

Very vivid memories of my childhood come from interacting with my grandmothers.

My grandmothers were always so active and able to play with us when I was a young boy.

My mom's mom was still gardening and tending to her house. My dad's mom was a competitive ballroom dancer.

Today, their activity level and ability to play is quite different.

Both of my grandmothers are 90 years old. They are not living life.

They are confined to walking short distances. They sit on the couch a lot, watch TV a lot and consume a lot of medication.

They both went from gardening and ballroom dancing to being sedentary and falling apart.

How did this happen? Is it because they aged 20 more years?

In all reality, they were never given the advanced noticed that they were going to live longer than they ever thought possible.

The health choices their parents made during their infancy and childhood affected their health today.

The health choices they made as a teenager, as young mothers and every decade following created their quality of life today.

The lessonÂ…you are being given the advanced notice that you and your children are most likely going to live a long life!

The fastest growing population in the worldÂ…centenarians, or people living to 100 years of age and beyond.

The choices you make today for yourself and your family will determine the quality of life you will experience in your 90's and 100's.

If given this advanced notice AND education on how to live a better life, do you think my grandmothers would be living a different life in their 90s? I think so.

There is so much advice out there to make the right healthy choices.

We like to keep it simple.

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