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60 Years or 100 Years?

60 Years or 100 Years?We are fascinated by the topic of longevity. What is causing people to live longer than they ever thought possible?

Current research has its hypotheses, but in all reality, we have no idea.

HOWEVER, we do know what causes an increased quality of life as we age.

Starting to live a healthy lifestyle NOW! Whether it is during pregnancy, infancy, childhood or beyond.

These people who live a healthy lifestyle and reach older ages continue vigorous workouts into their 90s, barefoot waterski at 85, and competitively bike race at the age of 104.

The lancet says that children born after the year 2000 have at 50% chance of living to 100 years of age.

YET...the life expectancy is going down.

That sounds like a contradiction to us, but it's not!

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