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At the moment of conception, more than 400 million sperm seek to find one egg. Out of the 400 million sperm, only one joins the egg. With all the potential of a father's sperm and a mother's egg, there could have been any one of three hundred thousand billion humans created. Who came forth? YOU!

In this process of conception, does a mother or father need to tell the sperm to meet the egg?

For thirty minutes after a sperm meets an egg, there is one cell.

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Prenatal & Postpartum Chiropractic FAQ

1. What is the most common question you get from pregnant women? New moms?

The most common question we get from pregnant women is if we can help them have their ideal birth experience. The answer is a big yes! Our goal and approach is to enhance both the pregnancy and birth journeys for mothers. We are certified in the well-known Webster technique for pregnancy.

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We Went to July?

"Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is potential power. Knowledge is trumped every single day by execution."

- Tony Robbins

That's right! We went to Seattle last weekend.

We know, it was a little heart breaking to leave Bend in the middle of summer because of the beautiful warm weather and sunshine.

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A Day That Changed My Life

(per Dr. David)

Things are changing in our life. We have been processing how we want to raise our family, which has brought up my childhood.

Growing up, my family was a very typical American family.

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An Everyday Thing

(per Dr. David)

Last week, a mother came into our office with her children. Her children were getting under care to reach their full potential in life.

As we began talking, I instantly realized this mom was exhausted. Her health was suffering. She had bags underneath her eyes, she was irritable with her children, she didn't seem happy, and her relationship with her husband was strained.

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Remember and Reflect

(per Dr. David)

So many of us have been personally effected by the true meaning behind Memorial Day.

We are eternally grateful for those who paid the ultimate price for truly serving our country. Thank you.

Today is a reminder of how life is precious, and every moment should be cherished.

Life goes by fast, doesn't it? I can remember being a little boy playing in the dirt and eating quarters in the closet with my brother...

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What Concerns Me The Most...

(per Dr. David)

The other week, I was interviewed by Joshua Langlais from A Community Thread. Check out his project. It's an amazing movement!

Joshua asked me, "What concerns you the most about the world today?" I thought about it.

Tears welled up in my eyes.

What concerns me the most about our world today is that 1 in 45 children are diagnosed with autismů1 in 45.

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60 Years or 100 Years?

We are fascinated by the topic of longevity. What is causing people to live longer than they ever thought possible?

Current research has its hypotheses, but in all reality, we have no idea.

HOWEVER, we do know what causes an increased quality of life as we age.

Starting to live a healthy lifestyle NOW! Whether it is during pregnancy, infancy, childhood or beyond.

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He Changed Our Life, Forever

(per Dr. David)

"Somebody said that no one can love a child the way a mother can. Somebody was never a father."
- Unknown Author

Yesterday, I celebrated my father and you may have celebrated your father as well ;)

Growing up, my dad was always the rock of our family.

He provided for us and sacrificed so much to create a life for his family.

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The Biggest Lie

We had so many conversations last week about symptoms and conditions. We love these conversations because...

It creates an opportunity for the truth to emerge.

The conversations were about ear infections, colic, sensory disorders, discomfort, torticollis and so many others symptoms and conditions.

All of these symptoms and conditions need attention, yet the mainstream education about treating symptoms and conditions is very incorrect.

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The Immune System 101

Reality check: our mainstream education does not teach us how to build a strong immune system. How our immune systems actually work is unknown by most of our population.

Everyone deserves to be healthy from the time they are born through their last breath of life. A state of consistent health is our birthright.

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Are Ear Infections Normal?

Ear infections are the #1 reason that families visit the pediatrician's office. Ear infections are very common, but are ear infections a normal childhood condition? No, ear infections are not normal.

Children's eustachian tubes, the tubes that drain the inner ear, are less angled than in adulthood, making children more susceptible to ear infections. This anatomical fact certainly makes it more common to have ear infections in childhood, but still, they are not normal.

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The Conscious Father Retreat

The Conscious Father Retreat was born out of a need for gathering men of a common thread to build emotional connections and create community around fatherhood and manhood. This retreat was seeded in 2017 when Dr. David Lutz began the Conscious Fatherhood Circle. He has a passion for helping men, especially fathers thrive physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

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The Core of a Healthy Immune System

Imbalances in our expressions of health are caused by patterns of interference that exist in the body. A paradigm shift within the study of human health has found a holistic connection between the strength of our nervous system, our mental health, our immune system, and our microbiome. Your microbiome is the network of microbial organisms that live inside and on your body and is a major facet to this complex interaction.

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Do Experiences in Utero Have a Lasting Impact?

Let's consider the astounding fact that two cells meet inside a woman's womb to begin the development of a new life. This fetus is 100% dependent on its mother throughout the pregnancy. The mother's body supplies her baby with the nutrients needed for growth and development. The innate intelligence of mom's body helps guide baby to develop into a human being throughout the entire 40+ weeks. Everything the mother feels during pregnancy, her baby feels.

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Tummy Time

Tummy time has become a popular phrase and well-known exercise in the parenting world. It simply involves laying your baby on their tummies while they are awake. This exercise promotes strength and healthy development.

When a baby is born, they have what are called primitive reflexes. Primitive reflexes develop in utero and aid in the birth process. These reflexes are present at birth and become naturally inhibited within the first few months to one year after birth.

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Are Baby Jumpers Safe?

Creating your shopping list and gift registry when you are expecting a new baby can be fun, exciting, and overwhelming at the same time. What is essential and what is not? We all know the basic essentials: diapers, breast pump, bottles, burp cloths, cute clothes, baby books... just to name a few!

One product that is commonly purchased or gifted that is neither essential nor beneficial to your child is a baby jumper.

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Your Best is Good Enough

Reflections on the article from The Chicago Tribune: New Parents, Take a Deep Breath

Welcoming a new baby into the world can be the most beautiful and overwhelming experience at the same time. "Children don't come with an instruction manual" states author Danielle Braff of The Chicago Tribune. Every day is a learning experience and your best is good enough. Every parent's journey is unique. Follow your intuition and do what you believe is best for you and your child.

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Developmental Milestones

A father recently disclosed to us that another healthcare professional told him that crawling is not a developmental milestone, yet as their colleagues, we strongly disagree.

Proper crawling involves a cross-crawl pattern with the arms and legs that plays a huge role in brain development.

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The Healing Power of the Sun

Sunlight is the source of all life on Earth. With the warm, sunny season of Central Oregon upon us, we want to encourage you and your family to soak up the healthy rays and have fun in the sun. Sunshine is one of the most important facets to your healthy lifestyle and we are very fortunate to have so many days of sun in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

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Wholesome Nourishment From Mom

The most beneficial and vitally important thing you can provide your new baby - second to love and a properly functioning nervous system - is breastmilk. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding up to one year of age and the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding your baby through two years of age.

Breastmilk is living fluid that changes daily to meet the needs of your baby.

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