Oral Ties & Chiropractic

Oral Ties _ Chiropractic

Does your baby have a tongue tie or a lip tie?

According to research, not all tongue and lips ties need to be revised (surgically clipped).

It is important to determine if your baby’s tethered oral tissue is structural or functional.

A structural issue can be a mild and benign anomaly that your baby’s body will likely and simply adapt to.
A functional issue is more of a concern. This is diagnosed based off of symptoms, such as a painful and challenged latch, colic and reflux, insufficient milk transfer, slow/poor weight gain, or failure to thrive.
It is vital to have multiple professional opinions before determining how to manage your baby’s tongue tie and/or lip tie. We recommend working one-on-one with an IBCLC lactation consultant. You can also consult pediatric dentists and specialists who are experts on this issue.

As pediatric chiropractors, we do not diagnose or treat tongue and lips ties.

The gentle body work we provide does make a significant impact on your baby’s ability to adapt and heal.
Through the amazing network of fascia and spinal dura (connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place) the tongue connects all the way to the toes.

When you alter one area, you have a global effect on the entire body.

Gentle chiropractic care on a baby’s cranium, spine and sacrum will give your baby the best advantage to thrive whether their ties are structural or functional.

All of the doctors at Pure Light have advanced training in understanding and working with oral ties and provide gentle care to release tension and allow your baby to heal, grow, and thrive.

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