Dear Moms and Dads


Dear new mamas and dads,

If life feels really hard right now…

It’s because it is!

Yes, having a new baby is the greatest blessing and truly the most joyful time…but it can also be a very challenging time.

Sleep deprivation. Breastfeeding challenges. Healing from birth. Depletion. Meeting the needs of older siblings and spouse. Marital tension. Lack of self-care and time to yourself. Financial changes. Isolation. Anxiety. Postpartum depression.

All of these experiences are valid and very real for most (if not all) families. We certainly cannot avoid stress in parenthood, but we can find ways to better adapt.

Staying nourished. Leaning on community. Receiving help. Being vulnerable. Taking time for yourself.

All of the above are vital ways to adapt and thrive in early parenthood and beyond. Another essential during this time is to keep your nervous system well-tuned and balanced through brain-based chiropractic care.

We love taking care of whole families during the tender and special season of having a newborn. You will find more ease and peace in your state of mind, your physical body, your relationships, your mood, and your overall well-being by staying well-adjusted!
We are here for you, during the blissful days… as well as the tearful ones!

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