Impact Arthrostim


When our nervous systems are performing optimally, the messages that travel through our nervous system and into our brains are communicated with pinpoint accuracy into a specific spot in the brain. This allows the brain to create a map of the body.

However, we live in an imperfect world where we have injuries, dysfunction and stress that occur within the body. The damage in our body can distort the messages that our nervous system is trying to send to our brains, even long past the original injury. It can also cause that information to be received by a much larger part of the brain. When the brain responds to that message, instead of sending out an accurate message, it produces a dysfunctional neural response. This distorted message can affect a much broader area of the body than just the original injury. It can affect our autonomic, nociceptor (pain receptors), alpha motor-neuron, cortisol, cerebellar, immune and endocrine systems.One of the go-to adjusting techniques are doctors utilize at Pure Light s the Impact Arthrostim. This incredible instrument helps reintegrate, re-establish and balance the body’s communication line by using the body-brain connection’s, or nervous system’s, language. The body brain connection happens at 12-14 beats per second which is exactly what the Impact Arthrostim does. It uses the 12-14 BPS language to talk directly to the brain, allowing an improvement in your range of motion and helps your adjustment hold much longer! It also helps the brain rebuild the map of your body with healthy neural responses and facilitated healing!

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