Morning Routine

Morning Routine

What does your morning look like?

Beginning with a life-giving routine can help support healing and growth. Here are some recommendations that we follow:

  • When you wake up, go find the sun, this will help your body support a healthy circadian rhythm. Bonus: Get your feet in the dirt as you spend 15 minutes allowing your skin and eyes to get those rays!
  • Get some movement in right away, whether it is a stretching routine or a short walk
  • Incorporate some breathwork! If you are pregnant, follow diaphragmatic breathing. Otherwise, Wim Hof is a fan favorite
  • Eat breakfast within 30-60 minutes of waking to balance blood sugar levels
  • Set some intentions for your day, say some prayers, spend some time in silence
  • If you drink coffee, wait 1.5 hours until after you wake up to let those cortisol levels balance!

Starting the day off strong can set you up to heal, grow, and show up as the best version of you!

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