Birth Trauma & Chiro Care

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The infant’s ability to suck, swallow, and breath during feeding is controlled by:

6 cranial nerves & 60 muscles acting on 20 bones in the infant’s skull.

Birth stress caused by in utero constraint, baby malposition, long or very fast labor and deliveries, medical interventions such as vacuum extraction and forceps, and c-section births can all cause underlying injury to a have a newborn’s head and neck and have a significant impact on the function of the above anatomical structures and the functional success of a newborn’s latch.

Gentle restorative newborn chiropractic care as soon as possible after birth is VITAL to unwind the tension and stress in their bodies, promote proper alignment, clear and optimize the cranial nerve impulses, balance the tone of the muscles and allow for breastfeeding ease for mother and baby.

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