A Healthy Vagus Nerve

PL-Blog-Vagus Nerve

Creating balance and proper activation of the vagus nerve is a focus of every adjustment at Pure Light Family Chiropractic.

Our neurological scans assess the function of the vagus nerve and how it is affecting your body or your child’s body.

  • A balanced and healthy vagus nerve has profound health benefits for your whole nervous system and overall well-being, including:
  • help to counter balance the sympathetic, or fight or flight response, by reducing heart and breathing rates.
  • assist in memory foundation and facilitate deeper sleep
  • reduce inflammation in our gut microbiome
  • signal the release of hormones which induce relaxation
  • allow for optimal social communication, self-soothing & calming

Gentle adjustments, for newborns all throughout development and life, allow for a healthy nervous system and a healthy life – our speciality!

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