Your health is determined by approximately 5% of your genetics and 95% of your environmental influences.

Have you ever heard about epigenetics?

Epigenetics is the study of how our environment and behavior plays a role in our genes and how they are expressed in our bodies.

The daily choices you make in your life and for your children’s lives MATTER for a LIFETIME!What can you do to help support your external environment to optimize your internal environment?

Who you surround yourself with can either support your healing process, or hinder it. What you put into and onto your body can either support your healing process, or hinder it. Making sure you are getting restorative & wellness chiropractic care is a huge support!

One simple chiropractic adjustment makes a massive impact on your internal environment and the health and function of your body, assisting in the optimization of your genetic expression!

For all our fellow nerds, check out Dr. Bruce Lipton’s (@brucelipton) publications for a crash course on epigenetics and/or his book “Biology of Belief” for some potentially life altering information!

We think you will love the information as much as we do!! 💖