Clear, Connected, and Healthy Kiddos

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Clear, connected, and healthy kiddos.

A rare occurrence in 2021.

Why is this true? Our mainstream culture promotes unhealthy amounts of stress on so many levels – physical, mental, emotional, and chemical. The reality is that if you choose to live a mainstream lifestyle, you’re more likely to have unhealthy, delayed, disconnected kiddos.

If you’re looking to raising super human healthy kiddos, then the parenting strategy is simple, but not easy. You have to choose a path of more resistance. It’s going to make your life more challenging.

However, the hard work you put in NOW will yield ease in health, growth and development, consciousness and clarity within you and your kiddos for years to come. You cannot help your child be a clear, connected and healthy super human without committing to the same principles for yourself.


🌞 Start with the foundation. Many forms of stress are unavoidable raising children in 2021 so help them better adapt to the stresses of the world through consistent brain-based chiropractic care. This can begin as early as preconception, through pregnancy and from the beginning of life.

🌞 Minimize stress and toxicity through eating organic/local food, reducing chemicals in your home, boosting nutrient contents in the body through proper supplementation, minimizing and harmonizing EMFs in your home, eliminate convenient but unnecessary medical interventions, heal emotional trauma, and the list goes on.

🌞 Choose relationships that build up instead of break down you and your family. If there are toxic relationships in your child’s life or family’s life, do your best to heal them or put up solid boundaries. It sounds simple because it is simple. However, a switch from a mainstream & toxic 21st century lifestyle to a holistic, natural lifestyle takes commitment, dedication and going against the grain of our current world.

We know because we practice what we preach. Take the hard -> easy approach instead of the easy -> hard perspective. Put in the hard work now to set your children and family up for health, freedom and ease in the future. If you choose to follow the mainstream route — letting society tell you what choices to make — you are making your children’s life and your family’s life easy right now.

However, it’s going to be hard in the future filled with sickness, disease, disconnection, trauma, confusion and frustration. How do we know this for sure?

Results. Families who cut against the grain, live a natural lifestyle, optimize their child and their family, and minimize the toxins / stress have clarity, connection, happiness and health for their children, themselves, and their family now and for a lifetime.

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