A Well-Coordinated Latch


A well-coordinated latch has a number of steps that have to happen in the right order.⁠⁠

The jaw has to open.⁠⁠ The tongue has to drop and get out of the way.⁠⁠ The nipple has to come in.⁠⁠ The jaw closes partway, the tongue comes back up.⁠⁠ The lips close and must maintain tension to keep a seal through suction.⁠⁠The sides of the jaw have to come up. The tongue has to ripple from front to back.⁠⁠ There is sucking and swallowing, and none of it is supposed to come out the nose!

⁠⁠Have patience with the latch and yourself. It is a dance that must be learned by mom and baby. ⁠⁠Stress and tension in the neurospinal system from the birth process can derail a latch quickly.⁠⁠

Having your new baby checked and adjusted as soon as possible after birth can make sure baby’s primitive reflexes are functioning well, baby’s nervous system is relaxed, their digestive system is working well, baby’s jaw is moving properly and their palate is balanced.

⁠As a new mother, having your body checked and adjusted as soon as possible after birth ensures your nervous system is relaxed — allowing more milk supply — and that you are healing and restoring well after the intensity of birth. Alignment and balance for mom allows for more comfort and ease with nursing along with all of the other moments of mothering.

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