Living Holistically


In order to always be one step ahead of antiquated research, simply use common sense.

We live in a stressful, toxic world and healthcare advice is often based on outdated science and follows a reactive instead of a proactive health paradigm.

Some simple questions to ask yourself: Is is safe to eat and drink all of your food from plastic? Is it safe to breathe unfiltered air on a daily basis if you live in a city? Is it a healthy choice to have sugar, preservatives and artificial additives added to every food you eat? Does taking over-the-counter medication on a regular basis support long-term health? Is it safe to use carcinogenic chemicals in your household on a regular basis? Is it safe to eat GMO-food your whole life? Is is smart to wait until your back hurts to make sure your spine and nervous system are healthy? Are numerous rounds of antibiotics supporting your child’s immune system?Are there safer, more conservative alternatives to giving young children psychoactive medications? How does sitting in a chair & looking at a screen all day effect your brain health? What other questions do these ones lead you to?

Living a conscious, healthy lifestyle is dependent on your philosophy on health as well as common sense.

Become empowered and fully informed and follow your intuition on what is best for you and your family’s health.

In a culture where many are suffering from dis-ease but think they know all the answers (or they think finding an unsound science paper is truth), …it is more important than ever to think for yourself and find your tribe of like-minded families!

Living holistically starts with decreasing your stress & toxic-burden, staying well-adjusted, healing your nervous system, eating whole foods, healing deficiencies, boosting your immune system, finding ways to better adapt to stress, spending time with friends and family and using common sense to support your body and your children’s bodies!

🌟We are always here to support and guide you along your journey! ✨