Birth Trauma


Think about how delicate a new baby is…Now imagine the stress of the birth process and added birth interventions upon a tiny baby’s spine.

The devastating effects of birth trauma on a newborn’s spine is the most overlooked health problem in our society for two reasons:

1. No obvious symptoms

2. No visible traumaIt is well documented that even a so-called physiologically normal and natural birth places tremendous stress on the spine of a baby and is a primary cause of neurospinal stress.

Obstetrical procedures performed either by hand or through the use of other procedures such as vacuum extraction or the use of forceps cause excessive unnatural forces to the infant spine, often having the greatest effect on the cervical spine.(A typical obstetric distraction force is 10-30lbs.)

As the child grows, this stress progressively interferes with proper body function limiting their ability to express optimum health. Left uncorrected, this will have negative long-term health consequences. Healing trauma to the spine and nervous system is the primary focus of pediatric chiropractic. Research continues to confirm that it is vital that all children must be checked for spinal stress as early as birth to ensure proper spinal development and neurological expression.

The doctors at Pure Light have advanced training in adjusting the tiniest of newborns through all stages of development.

Dr. Sarah and Dr. David utilize gentle, effective techniques to ensure your child feels comfortable, safe and nurtured. ✨

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