How can baby be impacted by pregnancy and birth?

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How can baby be impacted by pregnancy and birth?

Due to a variety of stressors, many mothers carry their baby inside their womb with a twisted pelvis and imbalance in their muscles & ligaments. This can create an environment of tension and restriction where baby is developing for many months.

Baby’s body and nervous system can become unbalanced in utero leading to sleep disturbances, nursing issues and discomfort postnatally. .Many sources say that birth is the most intense experience a human being will ever go through.

If we add medical interventions into the birth experience such as Pitocin, a heavy pull from the birth canal, forceps, vacuum extraction, and c-sections — all of these create additional stress on a little one who is making their entrance into the world.

The pushing & compressive motion of the uterus during a contraction is normal and necessary for a baby, but a pulling motion is not. .The birthing experience is intense and the attending provider will do what is necessary for a safe delivery in the moment..In many cases, baby is pulled out by their skull. This vulnerable and fragile area of the body, the upper neck area & base of the skull, experiences injury and trauma.

If we lifted your baby out of the car seat by their head two days later after their birth, you would be furious! Why? Because it would hurt them! Their head should always be handled with care and support.

The balance of the upper neck & base of the skull is a major determining factor for how well baby nurses, sleeps, digests food, remains calm, holds their body, looks at the world, and ultimately how the brain receives nourishments and the establishment of a proper brain & body connection.

We have the pleasure of working with so many expecting mothers & newborn babies who enter the world in a variety of different ways.

Our goal is always the same – create balance, strengthen the brain-body connection, heal from pregnancy and birth and set them on a trajectory of optimal development to become the super human ChiroKid they were designed to be!

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