5 Essentials to Raising a Super Human Toddler


5 Essentials to raising a Super Human Toddler

  1. We tell parents all the time, “You have to create a rock-solid foundation for your child’s well being before you build anything on top of that foundation”. Consistent chiropractic care creates the rock-solid foundation because it allows the nervous system to find balance and heal from birth trauma and adapt to everyday stressors and so many other things in between.

  2. Playtime outside everyday with direct sunlight on their skin, with no sunscreen for up to 30 minutes (you can put on sunscreen after 30 minutes). Make sure their bare feet are on the Earth. If they need shoes, moccasin style shoes or barefoot shoes are the best because they allow the toes to splay, the feet to flex naturally, and the feet to strengthen while contacting the ground. Let them put dirt, sticks, etc. in their mouth. It builds their immune system and the diversity of their internal microbial environment. Make sure to let them walk on uneven surfaces for multiple hours a days to strengthen their brain’s awareness of their body in the world. This can be playing at the park, running in the grass, jumping on the trampoline, running around the yard, etc.

  3. Daily supplements ARE NOT meant to mask a poor diet. Make sure your child’s diet is filled with organic non-GMO whole foods — nothing artificial — and yes, we know toddlers can be picky. Do your best! Advanced TRS detoxes the brain and body using Zeolites. It tastes like water. If you are going to give this one to your toddler, make sure to receive professional help on dosage. Mighty Minerals gives your child the minerals and nutrients that can be lost in toddler picky eating. Ion Gut is like fertilizer for the good microbes in your child’s internal, microbial garden. Cod Liver Oil supplies your child’s brain and body with essential fatty acids and vitamins A & D to support their immune system.

  4. We know you know this, but it is always a good reminder – your toddler needs a lot of love and support. They are gaining their independence and learning about the world as well as resorting back to being a snuggly little baby. It’s so easy to get frustrated and tell them “NO don’t do that. NO don’t touch that. That’s NOT acceptable!“. Remind yourself to praise the good 10x more than you scold the bad. Like so many parents, you could probably use a wider gap between them challenging you and your feathers getting ruffled? GET ADJUSTED with your toddler at the chiropractor to calm down your nervous system and gain more patience and resilience. Also, add a daily mindfulness mediation practice to your mornings even if it’s for 5 minutes. If you make both a consistent part of your life, you will be less reactive to the frustrations and find it easier to praise the good 10x more than scolding the bad!

  5. Positive social interactions with peers is key. They are learning how to be social and how to have relationships. We find that toddlers do a little better with slightly older, more verbal, more independent, and more mature kiddos. Sometimes, two toddlers playing can be like Pebbles and Bam Bam with toy grabbing and compounding big emotions. Find peers that they interact well with and make regular play dates. Yes, it is okay to be selective on who they spend time with. These kiddos are helping shape their social and emotional intelligence.