Early Signs of Sensory / Spectrum Tendencies

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Infants and toddlers showing signs of sensory / spectrum tendencies…

Gosh, this one breaks our hearts but there can be a BIG, POSITIVE IMPACT when we take action & choose to move in the right direction.

A lot of moms notice something just isn’t quite right via their motherly intuition.

Understandably so, due to the magnitude of what can come, some moms brush it aside and convince themselves that everything is fine.

If this is or was you Mom, it is okay. You are doing your best, and your best is all you can give.

Many mothers do bring it up to their pediatrician and often hear the response, “They will outgrow it.”

Actually, they will not outgrow it. Their dysfunction can snowball into something bigger and a lot more severe.

Every day that goes by without balance, the brain is becoming less neuroplastic AKA less able to make drastic and fast changes and rewire back into proper function.

Early intervention is the key to the BIGGEST, MOST POSITIVE IMPACT!

Here are early signs in BABIES that sensory / spectrum tendencies might be on the horizon:

– Rolling or drunken eye movements as a newborn
– Lack of soul gazing eye contact
– Too floppy of a body
– Too rigid of a body
– Not hitting developmental milestones
– Excessive crying

Here are early signs in TODDLERS that sensory / spectrum tendencies might be on the horizon:

– Not hitting developmental milestones
– Very sensitive to loud sounds
– Odd and consistent arm flapping
– Head banging
– Significant digestion issues
– Regressions in development
– Improper social skills
– Tough time learning new things

THE BIGGEST SIGN…your motherly intuition is telling you that something just isn’t right.

Listen to it. You’re not being irrational. If you are wrong, it’s better that you sought out some guidance, insight and answers rather than praying it will just go away or get better.

We love helping kiddos put out this sensory and spectrum storm before it even begins! We have done it SO MANY TIMES!

If your kiddo is already there, its our passion to help them reach their full potential and live their life to the fullest.

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