Healing is a Journey

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Healing is a journey.
This can be difficult to grasp when you or your child are on their healing journey.
When the nervous system begins a healing process, sometimes the symptoms you want to resolve ramp up and “get worse.”
Once you “take the lid off” so to speak and let traumas surface, they often need to be expressed dramatically before your body and mind can let them go.
We guide our parents and families through this process daily. We remind them to trust the process and “feel it to heal it.”
The brain-based chiropractic adjustments we provide are gentle, specific, and subtle. They work at the subconscious level of the nervous system – allowing for deep healing at the cellular and emotional level. We are very careful not to overstimulate the system, as we know the journey can be intense on its own.
Children with sensory issues will often “go wild” when they first begin care. Their emotional outbursts will intensify, their physical activity will be extreme, their focus and patience will be poor, their appetite will be huge, diarrhea and skin rashes are common, and they may express symptoms similar to a cold or flu.
Adults may experience aches and pains from old injuries, they may have vivid dreams, digestive stress, skin rashes, and emotional releases. Fevers or a runny nose are signs that the the body is detoxifying.
The timeframe to get past the discomfort is unique for each person. We objectively measure the nervous system through care to make sure we are moving forward. We create individualized care plans for each person and continually check in and provide guidance along the way.
The journey of healing and health is like hiking to a mountain peak. It’s a beautiful journey, but tough. Once you reach the top of the peak – your body and mind experience balance, clarity, more energy, more connection, inspiration, productivity, motivation, optimal physical development and growth.
Not everyone is ready to embark on their healing journey but it is never too late to start.
You are only as healthy as your nervous system is free.
Reach out to us anytime with any questions or if you are ready to get you and your family balanced and clear.

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