The Biggest Lie

sick girl

We had so many conversations last week about symptoms and conditions. We love these conversations because…

It creates an opportunity for the truth to emerge. 

The conversations were about ear infections, colic, sensory disorders, discomfort, torticollis and so many others symptoms and conditions. All of these symptoms and conditions need attention, yet the mainstream education about treating symptoms and conditions is very incorrect. 

In fact, it’s completely false and the biggest lie you have ever been taught in regards to health. We have been taught the same lie. It’s extremely frustrating. The reality…we are never meant to treat symptoms and conditions. 

Symptoms are an alarm from your body or your child’s body. They are saying “something is going on” due to the lack of health in the body. 


Conditions often arise from the continuous denial of symptoms. Yet if a condition arises out of nowhere, such as a traumatic fall while riding a mountain bike or Rett Syndrome in a child, the surest way to keep running around in circles is to treat symptoms.

The truth to regain health when the body expresses symptoms or conditions is to fuel the innate wisdom of your body. Fueling the innate wisdom, the wisdom that brought two cells together to form a beautiful human being, is the same wisdom the wants you, your child and your entire family to be extremely healthy! 

This innate wisdom of the body is in fact designed to keep you healthy from the moment of conception through your last breath of life. It’s clear and simple, yet a completely different philosophy around health.

If you embrace this basic understanding, it will DRASTICALLY change the trajectory of your family’s health for a lifetime.

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